American Ambassadors

Trisha Elmer

Favourite Topic to teach: Number Sense and Data

I am a first grade teacher in Media, Pennsylvania. I have taught grades 1-6 in both Arizona and Pennsylvania. I love finding new and exciting ways to challenge myself and my students.

Ashleigh Ziehmke

Favourite Topic to teach: I love teaching the students fractions and decimals!


I am a fourth grade teacher with the Wisconsin Dells School District. I teach two sessions of math throughout my day. This is my seventh year in education, having taught ESL for five years before switching to being primarily a math teacher. In my spare time, I enjoy scuba diving, hiking, skiing and snowmobiling. I am tri-lingual (almost quadrilingual).

Joan Buck

Favourite Topic to teach: Fractions!


I am a 4th grade self contained teacher with 17 years teaching experience.

Christine Henke Mueller

Favourite Topic to teach: Fractions!

Matific is the "whole package": it's fun, it's engaging, it provides student and teacher with instant feedback and it is linked very carefully to my schools curriculum. Even more, Matific allows me to differentiate instruction in a personal and confidential way so that each student is engaged in their own learning. 

Check out my website at

Kelly Schaefer

Favourite Topic to teach: I love teaching visual representation!

I am a K-12 math coach and teacher in the rural Wisconsin district of Riverdale. We take pride in instilling a love of mathematics and a growth mindset in our students. We strive for true understanding of mathematics.


Karl Marquardt

Favourite Topic to teach: Ratios, Geometry and Statistics

I have taught math as remedial specialist for the last 2 years. Prior to that, I taught sixth and seventh grade curriculum for 14 years to students with at-grade level ability, including gifted students. I was our sixth grade math/science teacher at the elementary school for 10 years as we departmentalized.

Shari Johnson

Favourite Topic to teach: Time

II am a Mom of 4 children ranging from 1 year to 16 years old. I am in my 20th year of teaching. I have an elementary license as well as a principal license and a curriculum degree. I love teaching and learning!

Gary Ramsdell

Favourite Topic to teach: Addition and Subtraction Strategies

I live in Portland, Maine and this is my 2nd year teaching. It is my first year at my current school and first time teaching a split class (grades 2/3). I enjoy incorporating technology into my class - to both supplement and differentiate instruction. In my free time, I hang out at home with my 2 cats or I'm out for coffee.

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