Australian Ambassadors


Chris Avent

Favourite Topic to teach: If I have to choose one... fractions.

Ive worked in education for many years and I have loved every minute of it. I am Principal of a small school in Sydney's Western Suburbs which caters to children that have additional behavioural needs. Our work is challenging but incredibly rewarding. 


Krystal Morris

Favourite Topic to teach: I can't choose. I love them all!

I am a hardworking mother and teachers on the mid-north coast of NSW. I enjoy incorporating technology into my lessons and helping students love learning.

Catherine Davey

Favourite Topic to teach: Addition and Subtraction

I'm a long term lover of mathematics education. I live in the beautiful state of Queensland where I work as a Year 3 teacher. I believe that maths skills are going to be needed in the 21st Century more than ever before.


Jennifer Goetz

Favourite Topic to teach: I love exploring 3D Objects

I always look for interesting professional development opportunities and exciting things that I can do in my classroom.


Kerry Forman

Favourite Topic to teach: Problem solving, particularly when it's related to current events of interest to our students.

I am a Year 5 teacher at Bungendore Public School. This year, I have been an Ambassador for Matific Australia and involved in a middle schools mathematics project, "Here's looking at Euclid" to look at the transition of primary school students into high school mathematics. I began teaching in 2003 at Ungarie Central School and have taught at Lake Cargelligo Central School and Grahamstown Public School. Prior to entering the teaching profession, I was editor of The Area News, a tri-weekly newspaper in Griffith, NSW and I was a print journalist for 12 years.


Julie-Ann Wear

Favourite Topic to teach: I couldn't possibly choose one!

I am a teacher from NSW who loves using Matific as part of my numeracy rotations and in small group lessons. 

Brianna Radford

Favourite Topic to teach: Whole Number

I am currently a stage 1 teacher on a year 1 class. This is my second year out of uni and I am filled with passion, excitement and drive to continue to develop in my career

Bryce Morrice

Favourite Topic to teach: Whole Number

I am very young in my teaching career, but am ready to make a difference. My love for maths and technology mixed with my drive to find new and inspired ways to teach keeps me constantly looking for resources like Matific. I am a passionate and quirky teacher who likes to make lessons as engaging as possible.


Katherine Styles

Favourite Topic to teach: Whole Number

I am a passionate and dedicated teacher who loves teaching mathematics to my students. I always try to make my lessons fun and engaging through hands-on activities and technology. I believe good teaching practice involves inclusion for all students. I value all students and believe they are all unique, every student has the right to learn and develop his or her talents in a secure and positive learning environment.


Hugo Adrian

Favourite Topic to teach: Measurement

I am a lover of all things Mathematics and finding ways of making the subject relevant to my students lives. 

Jess Schumacher

Favourite Topic to teach: Too hard to choose just one.

I'm a special education teacher with an interest in sharing fabulous resources with other teachers. I have been teaching for 2 and a half years and have grown up in small semi rural community areas.

Sheree Meyn

Favourite Topic to teach: Anything on number

I have been teaching for 7 years, Maths is my thing. I am a leader in teaching Mathematics in a school with over 500 kids. I get it, I make it fun, my kids love maths after being in my class.

Ruth Furbey.jpg

Sheree Meyn

Favourite Topic to teach: Number and Algebra

I have always be passionate about Maths.  As a child, I struggled with literacy concepts but found maths made sense.  I remember my teacher Mr Leyland (Byford primary school early 80’s) saying “look for the pattern, when you find the pattern, you will find the answer”.  I still quote him to my students.  I am a special needs teacher working at Nemarluk School.  I have used Matifics in the classroom for 3 years.  My role this year is Maths coordinator and my goal is to find ways to engage students in numeracy. 


Nidhi Behl

Favourite Topic to teach: Fractions

I am a grade 5/6 teacher and STEM Leader at my school. I enjoy teaching and I am passionate about interdisciplinary learning. During my Masters, I researched about Flipped Model and I would like to use it effectively in my class. I use Matific to differentiate my maths groups, introduce a new topic, whole class teaching, group work to reinforce, to extend my high achievers and support my lower group. We also use Matific as Maths homework task instead of using worksheets. I also use the class cast feature as an assessment tool.

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