New Zealand Ambassadors


Shama Nisha

Favourite Topic to teach: Fractions and Decimals


I work in a beautiful school in the wonderful city of Auckland. I enjoy incorporating technology into my lessons and helping students love learning.


Andrea Bing

Favourite Topic to teach: Introducing multiplication is always exciting


I got into teaching to try and change the lives of young people. I feel that as educators we can do this every single day. There is no other career like it. 


Rachel Gilmore

Favourite Topic to teach: Fractions

Maths is the subject that people love to hate. I love to show them that they are wrong. This is what drew me to Matific.

Jos Evans

Favourite Topic to teach: Fractions

I am a teacher of 14 years who has always looked for innovative ways to engage learners. I love to learn myself and am always looking for the positive in any situation.

Favourite Topic to teach: Geometry

I am a new entrants teacher by day, mum of 4 by night, lover of fun, laughter and learning. I use Matific to consolidate and practise concepts taught, as part of our maths rotation, and part of our ICT learning  

Emma Elliot

Richard Tucker

Favourite Topic to teach: Multiplication and Division

I am a primary school teacher of 18 years, I have taught Years 2, 3, 4, & 5, I am in the senior leadership team at my school, I am trying to help teachers in my school to look at more modern ways of teaching.

Favourite Topic to teach: Geometry

A young energetic tech-savvy teacher who wants to change mathematics attitudes of children and make it the best part of their day! I am a lover of anything digital and push myself to try new things and experiences!

Ellie Mcleay


Juanita Coetzee

Favourite Topic to teach: Fractions (ratios and proportions)

I am the head of the math department at my school and feel that math is such an important subject that it is imperative to get as many students achieving in math as possible. The only way to do so is to change their attitude towards a traditionally hated subject.

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